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girls hostel


MCET acts as home to plenty of students across the globe. A reasonable number of students accounts from different countries. We provide apt service for your comfortable and safe stay. Our hostel efforts to built a second home for its students. Special care and attention is rendered to make sure that all your needs are met precisely. The rooms are well maintained and spacious.

Boys Hostel

BOYS’ HOSTEL at MCET College renders distinct hostel amenities for the First Year Students can sustain more than 200 students. At most, a maximum of three members are allotted to each room. Separations are provided for reading rooms in each floor which is partitioned from a common room present for enjoying television. There is a badminton court, football ground and a table tennis table enclosed to boys’ hostel where the students can rehearse games and do exercises. Every floor has a resident warden from teaching staffs who blends the right balance to keeps attention of the students and at the same time monitor good discipline within the hostel insights.

Girls Hostel

GIRLS’ HOSTEL at MCET are provided with exquisite amenities inside the college campus. The ladies` hostel can have room for more than 400 members. The hostel is allotted with luxurious mess halls and study halls. First year students have distinct wing in the hostel. Gentle wardens and firm security assures a soothing stay, permissing students to spotlight on their studies.