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Directorof Malabar College Of Engineering And Technology

The wealth of mankind is the advanced technology and the quest for knowledge. Men are born to think , act and gain. Thought in the right path and endless effort to materialize it, made an explosive advancement in technology in the past few decades. Today the world is in our fingertip, but still we have not yet covered even a minute fraction of the distance to the truth of this universe.

Engineering education in India is highly popularized during the past decade. The number of students that can be accommodated in this stream is more than hundred times than that was. So easily accessible this education the outcome of which depends on how the student approach and accept it. The full benefit of technical education is achieved when the student take it as a passion in addition to the aim of good employment. The urge to earn technical skill should be developed within the students when technical education become meaningful. The interest of a student in a subject also depend on the way it is presented to him by the teacher. The right combination of positive student attitude and the interesting presentation by the teacher results in meaningful technical education the result of which is more fruitful.

The quality of any type of education is affected by the environment in the institution from which it is received. The primary duty of any institution is to provide a congenial atmosphere to the students for the smooth capturing of knowledge.

This also include a group of able and dedicated teachers who are also liable for the development of good character and conduct in the student . The overall individuality of any student is a reflection of the standard of his almamator.

The Malabar College of Engineering and Technology is keen to see that all students choosing it as their center of education are satisfied with the quality of education they get, the facilities for curricular and extra carricular activities and the loving approach of the management and staff. We are adamant in our motto of proper education and discipline. We will be satisfied when the students passes out of it remembers this institution as their loving almamator.

I am very happy to inform every body associated with this institution that we will be happy to receive ideas and suggestions from anybody for the betterment of the institution and for the benefit of students and staff. I welcome everybody to associate with us to fulfill their ambitions.

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